U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has a k2 problem. spice paper Takes prison system into smoke shack The issue is two fold. First, the BOP doesn’t test for spice paper. Prisoners are tested for illicit drugs such as heroin and marijuana, but the is all urines tests don’t screen for the metabolites from spice paper. Second, if an prisoner is busted with mamba paper, it is a relatively petty charge a three hundred series incident report equivalent to illicit tobacco possession. getting caught with of illicit drugs like heroin or weed or a positive urine test for those substances is a scale 100 offense, the most serious incident report. A series 100 offense could end up in two months in Disciplinary Segregation or the disallowment of earned gain time, phone rights for up to one year. The consequences for spice paper is essentially a small punishment. “By changing their illicit smuggling ventures to K2 or Spice they’re lessening the consequences that they’ll face when busted”. The effects of spice paper on an individual can vary widely. One inmatebegan to break dance around like a ballerina. As guards tried to tackle him, he resisted yelling that it was their fault. These k2 papercan be purchased online for $200. http://www.researchchemicalusa.com